My Story

The personal side of Joyce
  • Married twenty-nine years and counting...
  • Mother to Jenna, Jason, Jocelyne, Joseph, Jayden and Jill-Brooklynn, the six most wonderful and loving children a mother could ever hope for.
  • Nana to sweet Mackenzie, Noah and Isabella and counting... Born to Joe and Daisy, the best parents a girl could ask for.
  • Born and raised in Ottawa, On, Canada.
  • Sister to Judy, Jo-Ann, Jill, Ronnie, June and Jenny. 
  • I have seven nephews and eight nieces.
  • I have nine grand-nephews and six grand nieces and counting...
  • I love my Golden Doodle, Jasara; and Miniture Daushund, Tibo.
  • I love my two cats, Nomad and Dalek.
  • Mr. Blue is my little Beta Fish and I love him too.
  • I love my family.
  • I love music of all kinds, but particularly gospel.
  • I love singing, dancing, reading I love to entertain, thus I love good food, chilled white wine and interesting conversation.
  • I am friendly, social and love people-watching. 
  • People fascinate me.
  • I am energetic and filled with “joie de vivre.”

The professional side of Joyce

  • I am a Masters level and Registered Social Worker of thirty years.
  • I have practiced in the Ottawa area since 1985.
  • I also have a successful private practice, operating since 1998.
  • I have worked with people from the pre-natal stages - right through to end of life.
  • I have a myriad of experience helping individuals and families from all walks of life.
  • I am a College Professor, teaching in the area of Social Sciences.
  • I am a Pastoral Care Facilitator with the Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program.
  • I am a Public Speaker.
  • I am a wedding Officiant.

The passionate side of Joyce

  • I am passionate about God.
  • I am passionate about Love and Forgiveness.
  • I am passionate about family.
  • I am passionate about my children and grandchildren.
  • I am passionate about  all children.
  • I am passionate about adoption.
  • I am passionate about helping people live to their fullest potential.
  • I am passionate about helping people to die with dignity and peace.
  • I am passionate about the safety of girls and women; and their right to education and equality.
  • I am passionate about speaking words of love in to the lives of my family, friends and people I meet each day.
  • I am passionate about life and I am forever grateful for every blessing and every breath.